• Rubber Sealed Dual Plates Check Valve
  • U Section Short Pattern Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • API 6D Fully Welded Pneumatic Ball Valve
  • API 6D Slab Gate Valve
  • Wafer Flange Type Dual Plates Check Valve
  • API Orbit Trunnion Ball Valve
  • High Performance Corrosion Resistant Butterfly Valve
  • API 602 Forged Globe Valve
About   Us
    Savvy Valves is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial valves. Based on huge production capacity in China mainland, Savvy has been providing OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) services, for years already, with different standards valves and control units as well as accessories for clients from all over of the world.
    With 20 years global market experience in Petroleum & Gasline & water treatment and 30 years in manufacture of valves , we constantly to win customers' satisfaction with the strong high quality ,reliable and effective design ,and professional technical support&service, and strongly hold lots of market shares in Europe and America. After several reorganizations inside, we've continuely combined the resource for our strategy in product design and quality control to guarantee our strong foundation to grow business in the top market, we are on the way, and we will .......
With the basis of honesties, credit, and reliability,welcome you to join with Savvy Valves and enjoy our products and services..
Quality    Control
  • Nondestructive Test
    Nondestructive Test
  • Cryogenic Treatment
    Cryogenic Treatment
  • Leakage Test
    Leakage Test
  • Chemical Analysis
    Chemical Analysis
  • Mechanical Properties Test
    Mechanical Properties Test
  • Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment